Meditation in 3 Volumes

Meditation in 3 Volumes

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Meditation Volume 1: The Fundamentals

In Meditation Vol. 1: The Fundamentals, the stages of gradient meditation are described in great detail along with many exercises and diagrams.

This first volume of meditation is the perfect companion for anyone interested in beginning meditation, deepening current meditation practice and teaching meditation.

Other very helpful topics on meditation include:

  1. What is the meaning of OM?
  2. What does OM do and how do I use it?
  3. How can I increase my sensitivity, or how can I better manage my sensitivity?
  4. How does meditation clean out my subconscious hindrances to success and happiness?
  5. How do I avoid danger in meditation?
  6. What are some various forms of meditation I can use?
  7. How do I set up my meditation space?
  8. What meditation techniques are best for my level?

Meditation Volume 2: Deeper Wisdom

In Meditation Vol. 2: Deeper Wisdom, Torkom demonstrates meditation in action through exercises and deep explanations. This book is perfect for anyone who wants to further understand the mechanics of meditation. Exercises include: how to expand creativity, how to enhance critical thinking, how to overcome obstacles, and much more.

Questions answered in this volume include:

  1. How will meditation improve my life?
  2. Why is chanting a dangerous form of meditation?
  3. How do I meditate on a seed thought using form, quality, purpose, and cause?
  4. What is alignment in meditation and how do I achieve it?

Meditation Volume 3: Higher Connections

In Meditation Vol. 3: Higher Connections, Torkom lifts the theme of meditation higher to incorporate fuller dimensions of meditation.

Many important topics discussed include:

  1. Why do we stop meditation?
  2. How do I make meditation a service?
  3. What is the relationship of meditation and timelessness?
  4. What are the various layers of meditation?
  5. What is the Third Eye, and how do I develop it?

Torkom provides many exercises and visualizations including exercises for energy, recharging, and gratitude, as well as advanced meditations.


For more information, watch a YouTube video clip from the publisher.


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