Meditation Vol. 2: Deeper Wisdom

Meditation Vol. 2: Deeper Wisdom

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In Meditation Vol. 2: Deeper Wisdom, Torkom demonstrates meditation in action through exercises and deep explanations. This book is perfect for anyone who wants to  further understand the mechanics of meditation. Exercises include: how to expand creativity, how to enhance critical thinking, how to overcome obstacles, and much more.

Questions answered in this volume include:

  1. How will meditation improve my life?
  2. Why is chanting a dangerous form of meditation?
  3. How do I meditate on a seed thought using form, quality, purpose and cause?
  4. What is alignment in meditation and how do I achieve it?

For more information, watch a YouTube video clip from the publisher.

A must have for any teacher of meditation and the Ageless Wisdom.

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398 pages


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