Passage to Higher Worlds

Passage to Higher Worlds

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The current book, Passage to Higher Worlds Through Life, Death, Sleep, and Dreams is the sequel to Other Worlds. It is a collection of Torkom's unpublished writings, lectures, and seminars on the topic of the Higher Worlds of existence.

In this book, you will find extensive materials on the function of the Higher Worlds in relation to the material world. You will also find expanded guidance on how to live a healthy and vibrant life, how to prepare for the next life, and how to die with hope and faith. You will find guid­ance on what is sleep, how to sleep, and what dreams tell us about our life.

Instead of focusing our entire life on material existence and material accumulations, Torkom shows us the path of true eternal life. What a difference this will make to the life of humanity and the value that we place on our life on earth!

Once we are truly able to see and appreciate the levels of existence beyond our physical life, we will certainly know the true value of human life, the value of all kingdoms in Nature, and the real meaning of karma; the implacability and inexorable righteousness of cause and effect. We can then take steps to bring great healing and transformation to our planet, in all its kingdoms of Nature.

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