Psychology of Imagination & Visualization

Psychology of Imagination & Visualization

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Shift your imagination to a more constructive and creative level through unique exercises designed to produce powerful changes in consciousness and bodies. 

We communicate with the environment, with the world and even with our physical body, emotional atmosphere and mental values with our senses. Senses are communication centers, and as a whole they form a communication network for us to be alert, to choose, to discriminate, to decide, and to act.

The better our communication network, the better will be our success and life as a whole.

An excerpt from p. 29:

"Our imagination affects the mind, and the mind tries to justify the existence of the imagination by impressing the body to act under the influence of the imagination. Thus we punish ourselves by our past records of transgressions. Visualization can act as a transformer by receiving the imagination and fabrications of the mind and changing them into constructive pictures and images, often destroying these negative incoming records. Most of our physical conditions are the result of our imagination, which means the repetition or result of past records. These records sometimes activate the imagination in such a degree that the past events are brought down to the physical plane and are repeated in our life. If visualization is developed, it can do exactly the opposite. It not only attracts the best records of past lives, but it also appropriates them to the existing conditions and creates a better “video recording” in the records of space. Usually these past images of failures and wrong deeds come to those who are aged or weakened by problems or sickness. Otherwise, Nature keeps them away and keeps them from interfering with the present life."

 Read the foreword, A Few Words From The Author, by Torkom Saraydarian.


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