Building Universal Awareness... The Group Chalice 12-Part Audio

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Originally titled "Group Chalice: Expanding Our Service to Humanity

Learn what you need to do to become a better family person, a better spouse or parent, a better group member and participant in group work, and a better team player. The Wisdom Teachings give us a new world view and offer a process of discipline to become spiritually mature and inclusive persons.

When you are a spiritually mature individual, you become a sought-after gem in your family, at your workplace, in spiritual groups and organizations, or even in your service projects and volunteer works.

We all want a better world to live in; we want better work relations and better human relations. This 12-part Series offers insights, discoveries, and proven methods to help you build universal awareness. It covers 12 areas of life that need to be improved in order to become a dynamic co-creator. It answers questions such as:

  • Why is courage needed in building my greater awareness?
  • How to I measure success in my life?
  • How do I clean up my “act” so that I am reliable?
  • What kind of mental training do I need?
  • How do I choose the best kind of meditation practice?
  • How do I know what is my “calling”?
  • When do I know I made the right “contact” with a higher vision and inspiration?
  • What does self confidence have to do with being a team player?
  • How does the ego and vanity interfere with being a team player?
  • What is the Group Chalice?

Each lecture contains a presentation followed by a guided meditation. The lectures are recorded live at TSG Foundation Center during the monthly community lecture events in Cave Creek, Arizona.

Lecture #1: Courage
(YouTube clips from this lecture: What is Courage?and Landmarks of Courage)

Lecture #2: Faith
(YouTube clip from this lecture: Why Do We Celebrate Full Moons?)

Lecture #3: Your True Self
(YouTube clip from this lecture: Your True Self)

Lecture #4: The Path
(YouTube clip from this lecture: The Path)

Lecture #5: The Spiritual Warrior
(YouTube clip from this lecture: Battle and the Subtle Worlds)

Lecture #6: The Miracle of Continuity
(YouTube from this lecture: Miracle of Continuity)

Lecture #7: Scientific Meditation
(YouTube clip from this lecture: 5-Steps of Meditation)

Lecture #8: Basics of Meditation
(YouTube clip from this lecture: Tangible Effects of Meditation)

Lecture #9: Meditation Part 3: Mapping Our Progress
(YouTube clip from this lecture: Progress through Meditation)

Lecture #10: The Call
(YouTube clip from this lecture: The Call to Change Your Life)

Lecture #11: Contact
(YouTube clip from this lecture: Loneliness & Contact)

Lecture #12: Spiritual Nobility

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