Initiation: Spiritual Evolution 3-Part Audio Set - CD

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Originally titled "Three Major Festivals of Initiation"

Initiation is an esoteric term that means a substantial, measurable change in physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual consciousness from one level to a higher level. It is a discernable level of beingness that shows wisdom, knowledge, and experience.

Evolution is normally defined as adaptation to life’s conditions. Spiritual evolution means to adapt our daily life to higher standards so that we change from the inside and change everything about ourselves. Spiritual evolution or initiation has at its foundation a world view that anything and everything is possible and than we, as living organisms, operate in an open system of life.

The Wisdom Tradition teaches that there are three major points in the yearly cycles that provide great opportunities for expansion and growth. These are during the full moons of Aries, Taurus, and Gemini. They are also knows as major full moons during which we set the theme and standards for the entire year, and indeed, sometimes for our entire lifetime.

The energies during these periods challenge our current lifestyle and life choices. We may find ourselves in physical, emotional, mental or spiritual crises that truly test our values and our foundations in life. We may view these times as serious obstacles to our happiness or comfort and try to hide from them or avoid them. Or, we may approach these times as opportunities to see the truth about our life. If we are able to adapt ourselves to the challenges presented to us, we initiate into our life a degree of spiritual evolution, or an initiation.

In each lecture, Gita focuses on the theme present in each of these major full moons:

  1. The Aries Full Moon lecture focuses on the topic of "Path of Resurrection: Process of Initiation"
  2. The Taurus Full Moon lecture focuses on the topic of "Levels of Contact & Initiation"
  3. The Gemini Full Moon lecture focuses on “Actualization & Initiation"


Each presentation includes a lecture, followed by Meditation and Prayer.

Available on CD ($10.00) Downloads ($10.00) and DVD ($20.00) individually or as a set of 3.

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