Labors of Hercules - 14-Part Audio SET

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Hercules is an ancient mythical figure who was called to battle his own physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual enemies. He represents the serious disciple who is able to conquer deeper layers of his life and eventually achieve Initiation into the Heavenly Realms.

Hercules battles every challenge by showing his very human nature — mistakes in judgment, mental pride, bad choice of friends and teachers, trial and error in dealing with evil and monsters, remorse and sadness, and even his total lack of understanding of the feminine nature! Through it all, he shows tenacity, courage, and even a great sense of humor.

The Hercules stories date back thousands of years predating Greek and Roman myths. Esotericists have traced these stories to Ancient India, then to Egypt, and only then picked up by Greek and Roman mythology.

Teachers of the Ancient Wisdom and Mystery Schools have studied and presented the labors of Hercules in lectures and dramatic presentations since Ancient times. In 1937, Alice A. Bailey, a great teacher of the Ageless Wisdom, gave a series of classes on the 12 Labors in New York. In 1976, Torkom Saraydarian gave a 12-part seminar in Los Angeles, presenting more depth and building on the work that A. A. Bailey did earlier. Then in 2006-2007, Gita Saraydarian presented a 14 part series of lectures on the Labors of Hercules, taking the entire study to another level.

They are powerful and life changing lectures that will challenge you every time you listen to them and study them.

The Labors of Hercules are organized as follows:

  • Two introductory lectures.
  • Twelve lectures, each corresponding to one labor.
  • Each lecture includes an explanation of the keynotes, the reading of the particular story from The Labors of Hercules annotated with additional comments by Gita, followed by guided Full Moon meditation.


How to use these lectures:

Begin by studying the first two introductory lectures and read the corresponding pages in the book Labors of Hercules by A. A. Bailey. Then, start the work on the first labor corresponding with the full moon of Aries. Time the reading and study around each of the full moons. Study the keynotes presented in each labor and meditate on each keynote during the month before starting with the next labor.

Companion Book: The Labors of Hercules by A. A. Bailey

  • #1: Introduction Part 1
  • #2: Introduction Part 2
  • #3: Labors of Hercules - Labor One, Aries
  • #4: Labors of Hercules - Labor Two, Taurus
  • #5: Labors of Hercules - Labor Three, Gemini
  • #6: Labors of Hercules - Labor Four, Cancer
  • #7: Labors of Hercules - Labor Five, Leo
  • #8: Labors of Hercules - Labor Six, Virgo
  • #9: Labors of Hercules - Labor Seven, Libra
  • #10: Labors of Hercules - Labor Eight, Scorpio
  • #11: Labors of Hercules - Labor Nine, Sagittarius
  • #12: Labors of Hercules - Labor Ten, Capricorn
  • #13: Labors of Hercules - Labor Eleven, Aquarius
  • #14: Labors of Hercules - Labor Twelve, Pisces


The 14-part Labors of Hercules Series is available on CD or Digital (.mp3) Download.


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