Nine Energies - (3) Lectures

Nine Energies - (3) Lectures

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Original lectures recorded for TSG's Annual Conference 2020.

In this 3 lecture series, Gita Saraydarian reviews the impacts of the nine energies controlling humanity at this time:

"The study of the nine energies controlling humanity can have a profound impact on our lives... 

As we study each of these energies, it is important that we look at each energy as it is reflected in our life. When we understand how our life exhibits this energy, or how our life is challenged and is reacting to this energy, we will be better able to understand the impact of the energy on humanity."

Gita Saraydarian

The nine energies discussed are as follows:

● Piscean Energy

● The Forces of the Aquarian Age

● Sirius and Betelgeuse

● Venusian Energy

● The Planetary Entity

● Hierarchical Energy

● The New Group of World Servers

● Third and Fourth Degree Initiates

● Dark Forces

For more information, please see the following references:

Human Nature, chapter 21 by Torkom Saraydarian

Esoteric Psychology, Volume 1, p. 268 by Alice Bailey

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