Total Prosperity & Abundance Course: 2-Part Workshop & CDs

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A recorded workshop that you can use in the comfort of your own home.

We are meant to live life more abundantly and have physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual prosperity and abundance. But this sort of abundance does not come about by simple affirmations or simple acts of tithing. It comes about from a deep desire and sustained practice to change the very fiber of our being. The process is taught in the Wisdom Teachings and is presented here in this comprehensive seminar with Gita Saraydarian. The path to abundance and prosperity is neither a secret nor instantaneous.

The seminars were presented in Cave Creek, Arizona; Los Angeles, California; Lima, Peru; and London, UK. People attending these seminars came from many walks of life, all wanting to re-define the priorities in their life and all wanting to have a deeper, more esoteric understanding of the meaning of abundance.

The Total Prosperity and Abundance package is a result of Gita's intensive study and practice of the spiritual principles that operate in nature. It includes all the work that Torkom Saraydarian gave on achieving prosperity and abundance, including published and unpublished materials.

Gita founded TSG Publishing in 1987 with very little money and no knowledge whatsoever about publishing. She worked hard, published books, gave seminars and lectures, developed courses to match the books, and learned to apply the principles of the Teaching in everyday circumstances. The company has survived all the ups and downs of life and has prospered and expanded with branches all over the world.

Students of religion and spirituality the world over often have very wrong ideas about abundance and prosperity. Somehow, the image of poverty, lack, and suffering has become synonymous with being spiritual. Torkom wrote about being abundant and prosperous throughout his life and he emphasized why we need to think of great abundance and how we can use the abundance that we have to better life on Earth.

These seminars were recorded live during the first seminars presented in Cave Creek, Arizona. The CD's and support materials are fresh and dynamic and bring to your private study all the energy and enthusiasm of the live presentations.

The Total Prosperity and Abundance package includes lectures on prosperity, success, as well as visualization and meditation practices to enhance your life, and a step-by-step implementation plan for your continued success and prosperity. You will listen to and read along during discussions and workshop. You will have access to books, meditation courses, and the plan to have the kind of life you want.

Here is a sample of what is in the package:

• How to define your prosperity
• Prosperity Laws of Nature and how they work
• Visualization plan to receive prosperity and abundance
• Subconscious recordings and outdated thoughtforms about abundance
• Spiritual Foundations for Success
• Psychic Energy and the Fire of Space
• Your fundamental support system
• Laws of Success
• Thoughts and wishes: what is right and what is wrong
• Implementation Plan for continuous prosperity
• Advanced levels of prosperity consciousness
• Visualizations and meditation and Question and Answer sessions

The package includes 10 course CD's or mp3's, The Spring of Prosperity book & Daily Discipline of Worship booklet, Infinity music cd, and 17 individual instructions together with workshop materials.

*****If you wish to book a Total Prosperity and Abundance Seminar in your area or for your group, please contact Gita directly. Group presentations are dynamic and provide tremendous group synergy to help you take the needed steps to change your life forever.

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