Building the Lighted House-9-Part Set Video DVDs

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The Lighted House is the name given to our inner, spiritual temple. It is also called the Chalice, a subtle energy field that is created by living a life of truth, love, and service to the greater good. As we build this field of energy, we are able to make a conscious connection to the source of wisdom and beauty inside of us. It contains the spiritual genetic code of all our lifetimes.

The Chalice is made up of 12 petals that are energy “tubes.” The first three are created when we increase truth and light in our life. The second three are created when we increase love in our life. The third three are created when we sacrifice our own personal will to the Divine Will and learn to serve others. The last three are created when we give birth to our essential Self, our human soul.

When we build the Chalice, we have a mechanism inside of us that is similar to a broadcasting and receiving station, or a most powerful psychic antenna. We build this mechanism life after life and everything we do in life that is built on truth, love, and sacrifice is recorded and accumulated.

Each CD or DVD consists of a lecture, meditation, and a healing prayer. Each lecture focuses on one area of life that helps us build our psychic nature.

The Series includes topics related to healing the emotional body, the process of illumination, the power of the heart, learning where your life narrative comes from and how to change it, how to re-orient your life, how to make your life sacred, how to access psychic energy, and the power of faith.

To see the detailed content of each presentation, please click on each individual lecture below. You will find a brief synopsis, the keynotes used in each lecture, and the supporting materials for additional reading.

Nine lectures in Building the Lighted House:

#1: Cancer Full Moon: Healing the Emotional Body
#2: Leo Full MoonIllumination
#3: Virgo Full Moon: The Power of the Heart
#4: Libra Full MoonYour Life Narrative
#5: Scorpio Full Moon: Fearlessness
#6: Sagittarius Full Moon: Process of Re-Orientation
#7: Capricorn Full Moon: Sacrifice & Making Sacred: The Inner Christ
#8: Aquarius Full Moon: Psychic Energy
#9: Pisces Full Moon: Power of Faith


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