Building the Lighted House - DVD #1

Building the Lighted House - DVD #1

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In the first lecture of the Series, Gita explains the meaning of the Lighted House, a metaphor for the Chalice, the Temple not built by hands. She then proceeds to explain the first prerequisite for this building process, the purification and healing of the emotional body.

When the emotional body is agitated and not healed, it runs our life. In order to have a solid foundation on which to build, we need to heal the emotions. The process of healing will proceed in stages, slowly clearing and cleaning our old memories and patterns of living.

When the emotional body is healed, it is a calm mirror on which our soul can reflect the truths about our life and the Higher Worlds.

Included in this lecture are the following:

♦ The Lighthouse and the Sailboat as Symbols
♦ Opportunities and Challenges of Full Moons
♦ Healing Our Emotional Body
♦ Meditation and Prayer

Also included in this lecture: Signs of a healthy emotional body; signs of an unhealthy emotional body; steps to take to make our emotional body healthy.

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