The Science of Becoming Your True Self 12-Part DVD Set

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The most precious gift you can give to yourself and your loved ones is to become real and genuine — your True Self. Imagine how it would feel to be able to express who you truly are in every part of your life? The process is available and has been used by all accomplished men and women throughout time, all over the world. Such people can be spotted immediately by the steadiness in their life, the joy and health that they enjoy, the friendships and acts of service they are able to have. It is called a “science” because it requires specific actions in order to change the brain functions from one of fear and hopelessness to one of hope, faith, and expansion.

When we learn the process and apply it to our life, our vistas expand, our joy increases, we find the meaning of love, and our cynicism and fear melt away, and we find room in our hearts to be tolerant and understanding of the large tapestry of life. We are able to find our place in life and fine the deep satisfaction in living every day. Through this process, we are able to handle the uncertainties in life because we will have developed a solid foundation on which our life and our ethics rest.

A 12-month course to help you take the most important journey of your life and become your genuine, true, and most essential self.

What is that essence we are seeking? We have buried inside of us a soul, a divine spirit that is immortal and indestructible. It needs to be expressed and acknowledged. We need to find it and release it so that our life reflects the reality that is consistent with who we are. This is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves.

Finding our divine spirit or True Self is a journey of discovery, of becoming, of manifesting the qualities of the divine. It is a process that will fill us with joy and it will heal us. We become whole and integrated.

In these series of lectures, Gita Saraydarian explains the process of becoming our True Self. You too can start this journey and do the inner work necessary to release your real essence.

This is a series of lecture-classes presented in 2009-2010. Each lesson contains a lecture, reading and practical work assignment, and guided visualization. The monthly process follows the book The Science of Becoming Oneself by Torkom Saraydarian (see Related Products below). These lecture classes also contain detailed visualizations collected from other writings by Torkom Saraydarian.

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You may order these lectures one at a time, as they are being presented now or order the entire set and each one will be mailed to you upon the lecture delivery and completion of the digitized copy. They are available on CD, Downloads, or DVD.

Each lecture contains a presentation on a topic dealing with the Science of Becoming Your True Self, followed by a meditation. The lectures are recorded live at TSG Foundation Center in Cave Creek, Arizona.

The Science of Becoming Your True Self includes the following:  

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Lecture #1: Inner Work - Doing Good

Lecture #2: Perfect Love

Lecture #3: Principle of Harmlessness

Lecture #4: Detachment

Lecture #5: Principle of Conflict

Lecture #6: Emotional Purity

Lecture #7: Expectations

Lecture #8: The Constitution of Man

Lecture #9: The Pranic Triangle

Lecture #10: The Mental Body

Lecture #11: Meditation Process

Lecture #12: Challenges on the Path

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Available individually (see More Categories below) and as a complete set on DVD, CD, and Downloads.

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