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Standards of Fathers DVD 3-Disk Set

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Standards of Fathers DVD 3-Disk Collection

Disk 1: #078 Father's Day (Dharma of Fathers): "Everybody that comes into incarnation, to this world, makes a promise, a promise that is his duty and responsibility for the life he is going to live. In Ancient Widsom, this promise, this responsiblity that he is holding for his life, is called dharma." Torkom Saraydarian 

In this lecture, Torkom discusses dharma, the preparation for marriage and fatherhood, and the responsiblity of fathers. 57:00 min

Disk 2#170 Father's Day (Qualities of Fathers): "We are the sons and daughters of one Father." Torkom Saraydarian.

Torkoms examines the  relationship between Father and child. He focuses on ways to heal our relationship with our Father and be ourselves. "Unless you are yourself, you didn't have a chance to be yourself." Torkom discusses the impact of a deeper relationship with the father on our life, physically, emotionally and mentally. There is a need to break the "shells of self-protection" as a reaction to critical comment of our failures. 53:33 min

Disk 3: #248 Father's Day (Standards for Fatherhood):  "Leadership is enlightening the minds of others so that they see the reality, the principles, the standards." — Torkom Saraydarian.

In this lecture, Torkom explains how building standards builds success and how that relates to fatherhood. "Be a better father to create a better world." In prepartion for fatherhood, you need to create standards to meet the needs of the future. He uses the analogy of father as a capatain of ship who is responsible for his shipmates, his family, and needs to steer the ship into harbor safety. 58:01 min


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