DVD #057 - Agni Yoga (Effect of Thinking)

DVD #057 - Agni Yoga (Effect of Thinking)

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Lecture given in the Aquarian Education Group's old temple in Sedona, Arizona on January 6, 1991. 

From the DVD insert : 

Thinking is divided into two kinds; one kind is the process through which we try to discover the laws and principles of nature and use them for our own advantage, for our selfish interests. We exploit them and eventually learn that if the laws of nature, the offerings of nature, are used for separative purposes, they eventually bring destructive results.

The other kind of thinking is our efforts to penetrate into the principles and laws of nature, to cooperate with the cause, with the Lord of Nature, with the purpose and plan of Nature. This kind of thinking is called general meditation.
- The Psyche and Psychism, pp. 553-554. 

Thinking is the cause of pure science and applied science. In pure science you will discover the laws of your inner being; the laws of your emotions, feeling, thoughts, inspirations, illuminations, and various other responses. And with applied science you will use these laws to create a better life on the planet.

One is the vertical thinking which goes deeper into the world of causes, and the other is horizontal thinking which tries to apply the discoveries to the evolution of men.
- The Science of Meditation, pp. 60-61.

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