DVD #164 - Agni Yoga (Inf. II, 204) (Decision — Cosmic Magnet)

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Lecture given in the Aquarian Education Group's old temple in Sedona, Arizona on April 18, 1993.  

"The Cosmic Magnet is a center in the universe which draws all particles of light toward itself. This Magnet is the Source and Home of all living Sparks scattered in the universe. Sparks are found on different levels and they are engaged in different labors. Some of them are in line with the Purpose of the Cosmic Magnet. Some of them are not in harmony with it.

"The Central Magnet or the Cosmic Magnet has for humanity a definite purpose to be accomplished within a definite period of time. The direction of the Cosmic Magnet is sensed only by the consciousness of human beings. The more conscious one is, the more sensitive he is to the directions of the Cosmic Magnet. But due to many reasons, the consciousness of a certain number of human beings is not sensitive to the directions of the Cosmic Magnet."

- Talks on Agni, pp. 338-339

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