Beginnings and Changes DVD 5-Disk Set

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Wisdom of the Zodiac, Vol. 3, Torkom writes, "We hear again and again the wise words, 'It's never too late.' It sometimes happens that the breakthrough ... of the full moon (that) brings to you a new conviction that your path is right, and you feel inspired to work harder to manifest your goal."

Perhaps you have been feeling that you need a change? These videos will inspire you to respond to this inner call and become a voice for new energies and to reach your higher goals.   

Disk 1: #052 Why Change is Important 57:28 min

Disk 2: #100 NGWS- 5 Energies 48:47 min

Disk 3: #147 Choosing Goals/Rays and the Mental Body 51:30 min

Disk 4: #186 Doors of Communication 53:44 min

Disk 5: #262 Blessings 55:39 min



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