A Touch of Heart

A Touch of Heart

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A Touch of Heart is a masterfully woven tapestry of piano compositions - each song a colorful thread of hope and inspiration synchronizing itself with the soul, while creating an environment of relaxation and upliftment for the listener.

Track Listing

      1. Symphony of the Sunset - altSample - .mp3
      2. Dance of Knights - altSample - .mp3
      3. I Miss You - altSample - .mp3
      4. Deer in the Forest - altSample - .mp3
      5. Candlelight of Joy - altSample - .mp3
      6. My Dreams Are Ahead of Me - altSample - .mp3
      7. Bees in Cherry Blossoms - altSample - .mp3
      8. Unfolding Tulips - altSample - .mp3
      9. Longing of the Soul for the Highest - altSample - .mp3
      10. Birth of a Star - altSample - .mp3
      11. My Heart in Deep Joy - altSample - .mp3


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Friday, 12 October 2007
I found this music to be enchanting while creating the feeling of a sense of clarity. It combines focus and harmony....very unique.
Lou Schwartz