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Notes by the Composer:
"My music is influenced by my future dreams for humanity. I believe that music is the flame of creation. Music must be used to create the New World, the new humanity that will be healthy, beautiful, joyful and free. The intention of my music is to offer an opportunity for people to synchronize with the beauty that exists within themselves."

Notes on each track:

1. Infinity: This piece is an effort to think, to feel, and to be in limitless Space in increasing joy - far form the boundaries of all earthly measures. Infinity slowly opens in the vision of the man who sets out from our planet, sees the dances of various constellations, and eventually sees the Great Beyond - Infinity.
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2. Dance of the Stars II: This is the dance in Space of billions of stars in the midnight sky. I  visualize the various motions of the stars and their interrelationships; then I enter into the oceans of the Galaxy; then into the Cosmic beauty of Manifestation. For me, a dance is a movement to harmonize oneself with the progressing steps of the initial motion behind all movements.
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3. Sedona: The beautiful rock formations, standing like cathedrals, are bathing their feet in the cool creek. On the banks are colorful flowers and birds.
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4. Message from Sirius: I heard of an ancient  tradition, according to which a Ray issued forth from Sirius and reached our planet, bringing love to our planet. The Ray charged all living forms with love, making the flowers radiate their love in beauty, making animals enjoy life in freedom and making man find fulfillment of his dreams in love. The music follows the Ray from Sirius, as it touches the living forms and transmits the energy of love, bridging our little planet with the Heart of Sirius.
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5. The Grand Canyon: This is the reflection of the depth of the human soul, with spiritual summits and psychological depths. The beauty of colors in the sunrise and sunset reflects the longing of the heart of the striving soul.
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6. At the Gates of the Tower: This is the confrontation with a magnetic vision in which the possibility of our higher dreams is seen. In that vision, the human soul is initiated.
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7. Spring of Colors: This is the colors of all flowers in spring which resound with the colors of all thoughts, feelings, and labors dedicated to the uplifting of humanity.
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