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Para información sobre pedidos en español de este título:
Grupo Estudios Teosóficos Valencia, España
Editor responsable: José Rubio Sánchez
E-mail: /
Facebook: Torkom Saraydarian en español:

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For titles translated into German, please visit the website: Bewusstseins Orientierte Bücher,

Other Languages 

Many of Torkom’s books have been translated into various languages. Click on the above link for a list of books in Spanish. 

We carry a sizable stock of many titles and are able to obtain more as needed. Some titles are available only from the respective publisher or we have a very limited stock; these are noted. Please check with each section for a list of titles and availability.

New titles are constantly being added, please check back with us soon for future updates.

If you are interested in translating or publishing any of Torkom’s books, please contact Gita Saraydarian:

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