TSG University Course Descriptions

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Pre-Meditation Course:

Very suitable to anyone who wishes to establish a daily ritual of prayer, reading, and focused study and thinking. Regardless of your level of learning, if you need structured mental discipline and focus, we will design a course for you. The duration of the course depends entirely on your process of improvement and readiness to move to another level of study.

Meditation Courses:

Meditation courses are available in five levels and are based on the seed-thought meditation technique that will help you sharpen your analytical skills and expand your thinking. For details on levels and contents of courses, click on link above.

Introduction to the Ageless Wisdom:

The Introduction to the Ageless Wisdom consists of four, six-week classes. The topics covered are fundamental to the understanding of the practical functions of the Ageless Wisdom. The student focuses on one of the four foundational principles that help him or her become more conscious and appreciative of the foundations of the Teaching.

Stepping Into the Teaching: Undergraduate and Teacher Training Programs

The five-year program consists of in-depth and intensive study of the fundamental topics of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings. These courses are designed for those who want to train as spiritual Teachers, counselors, ministers, and for those wishing to deepen their understanding of the Ageless Wisdom Teaching.

The Five Year Training Program is open only to those who have completed several meditation courses as well as the Introduction to the Ageless Wisdom Course. To inquire about the requirements, please contact us. Details are also available in the University Catalog. The Stepping into the Teachings lectures are part of this course curriculum. 

Stepping into the Teaching
 5-Year Videos:

steppingGita Saraydarian created this Stepping into the Teaching seminar series to offer people a visual study option to study the operating principles of the Ageless Wisdom Teaching. Following the Stepping Into the Teaching Five-Year Program curriculum, this series is available on DVD and MP3, and by private subscription to videos posted on YouTube. Now you can study from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. Concurrent enrollment in the Stepping Into the Teaching self study program is optional.

Special Topics Study Courses:

Multimedia self-enrichment courses using lectures presented by Gita Saraydarian. Each course involves reading a book along with a lecture on DVD/CD/MP3 for each month’s lesson. You will be assigned a special mentor from TSG’s qualified and experienced mentors and report monthly upon the completion of each assignment.

For details on the entire program, please see the printable TSG University catalog. This catalog is currently being updated. Please contact us for further information.