T100 Stepping Into the Teaching - Year 1

T100 Stepping Into the Teaching - Year 1

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One time Registration Fee per Year: $55.00 (Includes 30 min. Academic Consultation and setup fee) Per Quarter Fee: $75.00 Six lessons per Quarter/ Four Quarters per year

The required texts are listed below. ( All are by Torkom unless otherwise indicated).  If you do not have these books, please place your book order when you register:


The first year courses consist of four, six-week classes on the “Constitution of Man,” a detailed study of the physical, emotional, mental and higher bodies, the chakra system or centers, and the construction and function of the aura.

Topics include:
1. The etheric body
2. The seven etheric centers and their correspondences in the emotional and mental planes
3. Prana and its function, the pranic triangle
4. Fires in the bodies
5. Kundalini
6. The role of virtues on the centers
7. Telepathy
8. The thinking process
9. The human aura: its composition, colors, sounds, and its role as a mechanism of protection
and contact

The purpose of this class is to have a thorough understanding of the constitution of man and the energetic makeup of the human being. After completion of this course, students will have a detailed knowledge of the framework of the esoteric constitution of man, the role of the aura and its relationship to shield and protect and provide a vehicle of communication. This work is essential in understanding the courses that follow.

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