T400 Stepping Into the Teaching - Year 4

T400 Stepping Into the Teaching - Year 4

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Required Texts are indicated below. All books are by Torkom unless otherwise indicated. If you do not have any of the books, please order at the time of your registration:

This class will focus on the topic of higher and lower psychism. Students will study in depth about initiation, psychism in all its various aspects, the growth and development of the human soul, the rules for discipleship given in the books by Torkom Saraydarian and by the Tibetan Master.

Upon completion of this course, students will be well versed in the psychology of psychism in its multiple manifestations. Students will be able to distinguish the differences between lower and higher psychism and be able to discover the subtle ways in which levels of psychism can be understood and distinguished.

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Prerequisites: Stepping Into the Teaching Year 1, Year 2, & Year 3

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