T001 The Meaning of Joy and Healing - Study Course

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First Quarter:  Introduction to the Ageless Wisdom: Cultivating Joy and Healing

  • 6 -Part Course
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  • Required Companion Book: Joy and Healing . If you do not have this book, please order it when you register for the course. For information about the book, please click on the title above.


This six-week course takes the student through the book Joy and Healing with weekly reading and exercise assignments. The student is instructed to complete the exercises given in each of the lessons and write a summary of each lesson. The objective of the course is to help the student cultivate the virtue of joy in his or her life and discover the fountain that gives rise to joy. This is a most important virtue in the life of the spiritual student. When a person starts training in the spiritual Teachings, he or she becomes sensitized and starts seeing life from many angles. It is important to have the ability to be joyful and to go through the challenges of spiritual discipline with the fountain of joy. When we have joy in our lives, nothing will be able to stop our progress; we will be able to understand life and its challenges from the larger perspective and will be able to keep our balance in the midst of turmoil.

Joy and Healing will give you many tools in the form of exercises and visualizations that will help uplift you, bringing you peace and serenity. It will help you build a new identity based on your real talents. The benefit of this course will remain with you for the rest of your life.

If the student wishes to study this course in more detail, a 12 month meditation course is available.

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