T002 The Meaning of Prosperity- Study Course

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Second Quarter:  Introduction to the Ageless Wisdom: The Meaning of Prosperity

  • 6 -Part Course
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  • Required Companion Book: Spring of Prosperity . If you do not have this book, please order it when you register for the course. For information about the book, please click on the title above.


All spiritual students must be clearly aware of the energies of the universe and how they translate into abundance. The student is helped to understand the laws of prosperity that bring abundance in every facet of life.

The true meaning of prosperity and success is physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual riches. All of us have access to these riches, yet we are rarely aware of them. This six-week course helps the student first learn his own riches and then discover the true riches of the universe and how they can be manifested in his own life. The course covers the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual virtues that are necessary for true prosperity.

Studying these lessons, the student becomes aware of a wider definition of prosperity and abundance. This in turn helps the student to keep his balance and serenity in the face of challenges in life.

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If you wish to study this topic in more detail, a 12 month meditation course is available.

For information on a two-part seminar on Total Prosperity and Abundance presented by Gita Saraydarian, please click here.

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