T003 Developing the Sense of Responsibility - Study Course

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Third Quarter:  Introduction to the Ageless Wisdom: Developing the Sense of Responsibility

  • 6 -Part Course
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  • Required Companion Book: The Sense of Responsibility in Society. If you do not have this book, please order it when you register for the course. For information about the book, please click on the title above.


This six-week course introduces the student to the topic of social responsibility and teaches the student the value of being responsive. The lessons contain exercises on developing responsibility in speech, action, thought, and feeling. In addition, the student learns how to recognize the divinity in others in practical terms and think of others as brothers and sisters. There are practical tools for dealing with striving and how to deal with spiritual saturation, shame, and backsliding. The course concludes with the study of the virtues of service and generosity and exercises on how to increase the light.

This course will help you improve your frienships, marriage, family and business relations. It is a deep and very meaningful course.

When you complete this course you will have very practical tools that will help you as you expand in your spiritual development. These tools will help keep you grounded, practical, and loving toward your fellow travelers.

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