T004 Cooperation and Group Consciousness - Study Course

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Fourth Quarter:  Introduction to the Ageless Wisdom: Cooperation and Group Consciousness


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  • Required Companion Book: The Psychology of Cooperation and Group Consciousness. If you do not have this book, please order it when you register for the course. For information about the book, please click on the title above.


This six-week course takes the student, step by step, on the journey of true self-discovery and self confidence. When we discover just how we, as individuals, fit into the larger tapestry of life, we become expanded and compassionate. In becoming group conscious, we do not loose our individual identity, but learn to appreciate our particular gifts and how these gifts, in a group setting, can be magnified and made more useful. In learning to cooperate with others, we become better friends, better family members, and better team players.

The principles that operate the mystery of true cooperation and group consciousness are seen in the Law of Cooperation. This course will cover the meaning of group consciousness, competition vs. cooperation, the deeper layers of friendship, and the steps to becoming a truly considerate person.

The process of learning how to cooperate is not an easy task. We can cooperate easily with those who are the same as we are. Yet, in all of life, we are faced with the need to cooperate with people who are vastly different than we are. In learning how to cooperate, an individual must have a strong sense of who he or she is as well as be able to detach and see other views and other needs. The process of cooperation is one of the highest virtues that a spiritual disciple is able to learn and demonstrate practically in life.

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