M1-1 Meditation for Beginners (Meditation Course)

M1-1 Meditation for Beginners (Meditation Course)

Base price $130.00

Level 1: Beginning

5- Part Course

This is a meditation course for the beginner or for the person who has meditated previously, but wishes to learn the step-by-step approach to seed thought meditation. The course teaches you to think analytically and see an object, whether tangible or intangible, through multiple perspectives.

The course starts with reading assignments from the accompanying text and compilation. Seed thoughts are given for each lesson that begin with tangible objects and slowly move into intangible objects. Upon completion of the work, you answer the questions in the questionnaire included in your packet and e-mail, or mail your lesson to us.

Required Companion Book: The Flame of Beauty, Culture, Love and Joy

Price Note: This price includes a $25 account setup fee, $30 consultation fee, along with all five lessons. Please fill out a consultation form and to return to us for scheduling. Please allow 3 business days for us to schedule your consultation.

Course withdrawal and refund policy.

Once your consultation and registration has been completed, you will receive an email with your online classroom username and password that is for use on the TSG University website only. Please note that this information will not be the same as your Customer Login information on TSG Home page or group forums.


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