M2-1 Fundamentals of the Ageless Wisdom (Meditation Course)

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Level 2: Beginning-Intermediate

12 -Part Course 


An in-depth study of 12 fundamental topics that every student of the Ageless Wisdom Teaching needs to know.

Each lesson contains excerpts from Torkom Saraydarian’s books on the topic under study as well as corroborative readings from the book The Ageless Wisdom.

Spend just 15 minutes a day to:

  • -Strengthen hope and faith in life 
    -Feel secure and motivated in your spiritual work 
    -Gain peace and harmony in today's turbulent time 
    -Overcome obstacles to gain your peace of mind

Content of the 12 Lessons:

  1. What is the path of discipleship? (The process of growing in wisdom)
  2. The constitution of man (The energy network around us)
  3. The Hierarchy (Masters of Wisdom and Their role in our life)
  4. The Solar Angel (Guardian Angel who guides and protects us)
  5. The Plan (The process through which the Purpose of God is formulated)
  6. The Great Invocation (The Mantram of Christ to charge and protect humanity)
  7. Meditation (The basic format and function of seed thought meditation)
  8. The Zodiac (The impact of the Sun, moon, and 12 zodiacal signs)
  9. Purification (The process of transforming our inner and outer character)
  10. Service (The process by which we actualize our inner wisdom)
  11. Virtues (The energy vitamins)
  12. Evening Review (Nightly review and healing of daily life)

How to study this course:

You may study this course individually or in group formation.

The daily work consists of the following:

  1. Reserve 15 minutes daily for reading and meditation.
  2. Begin each session with the recommended mantram. Follow by reading the assigned material.
  3. Choose a phrase from the reading that seems significant for you. Think with eyes open or closed about the meaning of the phrase for a few minutes.
  4. Journal your ideas and insights.
  5. Close the meditation period.
  6. Report monthly to your mentor; if studying in a group format, report to the Forum by answering the questionnaire formulated for each lesson.

Required Companion Book: The Ageless Wisdom 

Initial Fees: One-time $55.00 registration fee; plus, minimum of first 2 lessons @ $15.00 each lesson. Thereafter, the fees are $15 per lesson. (For group study, please register for multiples of 6 lessons each time.)

Course withdrawal and refund policy.

How to Register:

Please fill out an Academic Consultation form and email it to consult@tsgfoundation.org to begin the registration process. During the consultation, we will go over the course materials, answer questions, and go over other requirements for taking the course.

Please allow 3 business days to schedule your consultation.

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