M2-2 Meditation, The Creative Process Using Virtues

M2-2 Meditation, The Creative Process Using Virtues

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Level 2: Beginning-Intermediate

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This course introduces 13 virtues that act as a path of contact with the creative universe inside of us. In addition, each lesson introduces the fundamental objectives of meditation; the methodology, the thinking process, the dangers to look for, the rewards of meditation, and the process of unfoldment. Each lesson guides you to heighten your awareness of your environment. You will be asked to observe, watch, and study your life from the perspective of each of the virtues. You will be given seed thoughts that will expand and enhance your understanding of life around you.

Your end-of-the month report will consist of writing a brief summary of one of the seed thoughts and completing a questionnaire regarding your study and meditation.

The following virtues as seed thoughts are contained in each respective lesson:

1. Freedom
2. Service
3. Compassion
4. Discrimination
5. Harmlessness
6. Courage
7. Enthusiasm
8. Daring
9. Solemnity
10. Sacrifice
11. Striving
12. Fearlessness
13. Gratitude

Required Companion Books:
The Science of Meditation and
The Science of Becoming Oneself

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