M4-2 The Science of Becoming Oneself (Meditation Course)

M4-2 The Science of Becoming Oneself (Meditation Course)

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Level 4: Intermediate-Advanced

60 -Part Course.

An absolutely life-changing course. You will never be the same again when you journey through these in-depth process of finding your True Self.

This fantastic course follows the work laid out in the classic book The Science of Becoming Oneself. This course is for anyone who is truly ready to embark on the voyage of self-discovery and is willing to do the necessary work. Each lesson follows the plan and the exercises contained in each Chapter in the text. You will be asked to perform the meditation on seed thoughts that are chosen from the text, do the exercises, and keep a daily journal of your work. The course covers the following topics:

  1. Toward Freedom
  2. Doing Good
  3. Purification of the physical, emotional, and mental bodies
  4. Introduction to the Etheric Centers
  5. The Conscience and Conflict
  6. The Danger of Drugs
  7. The nature of Love
  8. The Truth

The entire course will take 3-5 years. It requires commitment and the burning desire to make changes.

Your work will include reflective reading, meditating on seed thoughts, and visualization exercises. Your end-of-the-month report will consist of writing a brief summary of one of the seed thoughts or passages from the text and completing a questionnaire regarding your study and meditation.

Required Companion Book: The Science of Becoming Oneself

Price Note: This price includes the $25 account setup fee, $30 consultation fee, along with your first two lessons. Hereafter it is $15 per lesson. Please fill out a consultation form and email it to consult@tsgfoundation.org to begin the registration process. Please allow 3 business days to schedule your consultation.

Course withdrawal and refund policy.

Once your consultation and registration have been completed, you will receive an email with your online classroom username and password and any further information you may need. When you complete the first two lessons, the next lesson will be placed online and your credit card charged the $15.00 fee.

You may also register for all the lessons in this course or multiples of five lessons at a time. Simply contact us when you have completed your lessons, and let us know how many more lessons you would like to purchase.

Gita's 12-part lecture series on this topic is available on DVD and CD / mp3.

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