Other Worlds

Other Worlds By Torkom Saraydarian

Reviewed by Robert Constas

Put on your seatbelt before you start reading this book! You are about to begin a journey that will take you places you have never known before.

Torkom Saraydarian has written the ultimate travel guide to help you navigate your life.

Other Worlds is about the levels of existence beyond the physical world. It describes the conditions and inhabitants of the astral, mental, and higher spiritual worlds. It describes the conditions in our life and our bodies that propel us in certain directions in the higher worlds. It describes true levels of psychism and communion with higher worlds.

Most people are deeply interested in life beyond the physical existence. Popular literature and popular movies and TV programs hint at subtle experiences but do not reach anywhere near explaining the complexity and profound depth of the higher worlds.

We are all travelers and, life after life, we will meet at certain points in this world and in the worlds beyond the physical before journeying further to new and different destinations. All our life experiences are recorded in the spiritual recordings, called the Akashic Records. As we live each life, we cause a new configuration to take place. These configurations determine our karmic patterns and they take us to places where we are born in certain nations, families, or under specific conditions. Each life is an opportunity to become more whole in our true Self, and in each life we learn new paths, undo wrong ones, and create new states of awareness and beingness.

The book gives you guidance on how to live a truly spiritual life and to prepare for all the many lifetimes and look forward to them with joyful expectation.

I know of no other book that gives such a complete description of the various levels of experiences of the subtle worlds. You will read detailed descriptions to understand the various bodies and levels of existence, the centers of energies in human beings and in the planes of existence, and the conditioning factors such as virtues and vices that determine our access to other worlds. He describes the inhabitants, the conditions, and what puts people in certain levels. He explains how to truly live the most purposeful and joyful life, how to prepare for passing over, how to become sensitive to higher impressions, how to avoid the lower levels that trap us in illusions and deceptions, how to contact the higher worlds, and how to make Invisible Friends, especially with the Solar Angel, or the Guardian Angel. He explains that we not only have a physical body, but also an emotional (astral) body and a mental body and the potential to build four higher bodies, the bodies of light and love and Godly will. The process of communication with the higher worlds and the world of psychism and mediums and how this is related to our bodies is clearly explained. This knowledge will give you insights to keep you safe and sane as you grow and expand in your spiritual consciousness.

Our destiny is to build a body of glory that will live forever. Actually, we are in a process of episodic birthing rather than dying. Our future is to continue our divine journey and go beyond even our highest imaginations to fulfill our spiritual purpose.

There is much original material here that comes from someone who conveys the strong impression of knowing what he is writing about without making any claims as to his psychic status. Saraydarian never made claims as to his status, even though he had highly developed paranormal faculties. I know this from personal experience, having known him for about thirty years.

I recommend this book for a careful and studious reading by anyone interested in the true path that the human soul takes in or out of incarnation. In our materialistically oriented life and the materialistically based decisions that we make concerning our life, our health, and our after life process, it is refreshing to read such a sane and beautifully inspiring book about the journeys of the human soul and the totality of human experiences.

Robert Constas, M.D. is a board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrist with the Phoenix Indian Medical Center in Arizona, USA. He has extensive experience with parapsychological phenomena, and the application of the Ageless Wisdom in the field of child and adolescent treatment and child rearing. He was raised in the Ageless Wisdom tradition and worked with Torkom Saraydarian beginning in the 1960’s.