Booklets by Torkom

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Irritation causes the etheric nerve endings to crystallize with a substance called "imperil". This substance sticks to the etheric nerve endings and disturbs the flow of nerve energy.

Booklets by Torkom

Mental Exercises – Booklet


Visualization exercises to purify the physical, emotional, and mental bodies. Also, how to use the Sacred Word, AUM for the process of purification by utilizing sound and color.


Inspired by a story in the Upanishads, this is a moving tale about a man who wanted to have conscious immortality and was willing to give up everything in order to attain it, even his only son, Nachiketas.


An introductory booklet providing practical advice on four very important parts of our life: meditation, sex and health, self-image, and visualization.


Contains over 100 prayers, mantrams, and invocations collected from many sacred writings as well as originals by Torkom Saraydarian.


Fourteen questions and answers about life and karma are presented to you in this booklet. If you try honestly to face them and answer them, a new life will begin to unfold within you and your inner journey will have begun.

Ageless Wisdom

Synthesis – Booklet


28 practical steps to develop synthesis and be in tune with all of creation. Synthesis is the keynote for the Age of Aquarius.