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This book is perfect for anyone who wants to teach and lecture on the Ageless Wisdom, anyone who helps mentor others to improve their lives, and anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of how to approach the Teaching.


A fundamental and essential guide to the science of building the ability to visualize. Each chapter takes you step by step into the art of visualization.


A clear description of who and what are the dark forces, their origin and purpose. Most importantly, it describes how to avoid tuning into the dark energies of life, how to protect yourself, and how to gain victory over these forces. A recipe for a sane and safe spiritual discipline.


This book is intended to give the esoteric foundation and guidelines for health of the physical, etheric, emotional, mental, and higher bodies. It is not intended to replace sound medical advice. Always refer to a medical professional before doing any visualization or meditation exercise. If you are taking medications, always check with your medical doctor before you follow any instructions given in this book.


Meditation is an important spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical practice. There are many kinds of meditations and many levels of meditation. Find out more in this booklet.


Irritation causes the etheric nerve endings to crystallize with a substance called "imperil". This substance sticks to the etheric nerve endings and disturbs the flow of nerve energy.


We have many memories of joy in our lives, but they have been buried by pain and suffering. We have forgotten that we can be joyful. We need to find them and release them into our life so that we can once again experience the exhilarating joy of life.


The law of karma teaches us that everything we do and say and feel creates a result. That result is the life in which we find ourselves.


Other Worlds is a monumental study that describes, in detail, every level of existence beyond the physical plane. If you want to know why things happen, not just that they do, this book is for you.


Passage to Higher Worlds Through Life, Death, Sleep and Dreams is a sequel to Other Worlds. In this book, Torkom Saraydarian gives us the vision to strive toward a future of higher consciousness and continuity of consciousness into the various planes of existence.


Going to a remote retreat for spiritual upliftment? Take this book along and you will find the inner path of becoming who you always wanted to be! Loaded with meditations and visualizations.


Based on the teachings of Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the Science of Meditation explains the science and process of the advanced form of seed thought meditation.


The Solar Angel is called by many names - Guardian Angel, Nirvani, Soul, Inner Guide, God's representative, the Conscience, and so on. All nations and religions speak of Guardian Angels.


A collection of the best stories Torkom told in his many lectures and writings with beautiful illustrations by John Dumigan. Guaranteed to delight both young & old audiences...


Explains the hidden and inner meanings of Full Moons. Monthly meditations and visualizations. Learn to gear into the rhythm and symphony of the Zodiac. Powerful guidance of esoteric astrology.


Four Volume Set: Explains the hidden and inner meanings of Full Moons. Monthly meditations and visualizations. Learn to gear into the rhythm and Wisdom of the Zodiac. Powerful guidance in esoteric astrology.