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(SALE COPY) This is an extraordinary book on the process of thinking, the mind, the brain, and the subtle links to our thought process. It is a detailed study of the entire physical, emotional, and subtle chemistries that play into the mental process.


3 Volume Set: Our health, happiness, creativity, success and joy are all directly related to our knowledge and practice of virtues. Virtues open our hearts and link us to the Higher Worlds. With virtues, we become servers for the common good of all humanity.


A dynamic series of books by Torkom Saraydarian designed to provide for you in-depth explanations on single topics. These books are written in a style that is practical for both the beginner and advanced student.


Four Volume Set: Explains the hidden and inner meanings of Full Moons. Monthly meditations and visualizations. Learn to gear into the rhythm and Wisdom of the Zodiac. Powerful guidance in esoteric astrology.


(SALE) Shamballa releases periodic energies to the Planet. Torkom shows us how we can anticipate them, how we can respond to them, how we can refine our natures and become better servers and leaders.