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     “I once asked Torkom how we can manage to publish and even read and study so many books. He said that each book has a special message and a special vibration that links it to a part of the Divine Wisdom. Different people respond to different ways of linking to the Divine. Each is a treasure onto its own. So, he advised, “Keep publishing, keep spreading the books and the music; humanity is in dire need of the true and sane Teaching. There is never too much wisdom. Humanity needs wisdom to forge the best future.
     “Read these books, give them as gifts, share the wisdom and help uplift suffering humanity. Distributing the constructive and rhythmic energy of these books is an essential thread in the sanity of humanity. Every life changed in the direction of sane spiritual principles is a life enriched and saved.”  ~Gita Saraydarian

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Ageless Wisdom

Atma Vidya


Atma Vidya means the science of knowing your immortal Self, the eternally present substance in all beings. In this book, Torkom Saraydarian uncovers the mystery of the True Self.


This book was Torkom's progressive project to start an esoteric group that studied fundamentals and then slowly advanced into more intense esoteric training and esoteric leadership. The group began on January 25, 1989, and ended on July 4, 1990.


Throughout this book, Torkom clarifies and defines the many aspects, challenges, and requirements to actualize your vision. Vision is the intuitive or higher perception of the purpose, as it relates to the future. How do you actualize it?  That's on page 440. -JANUARYSPECIAL: 20% discount, use coupon code VISION-


"Your presence as a mother, a father, child, family member of any sort, can be healing for everyone." Note from the Editor

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The Lotus Sutra says that this is the Teaching that illuminated millions of beings and led them to the path of enlightenment, nirvana, and Buddhahood.


Discover how your human nature led you to the life you have and how that very same nature, with a few energetic changes, will lead you to the life that you want.


Our ideas must turn into ideals to help the evolution of humanity proceed. An ideal is the vehicle of a divine idea to meet the needs of individuals, groups, and nations, creating polarization within us toward greater and more inclusive values. Ideals are formed of mental matter, and often as thoughtforms. TS-Ch 20.


Develop your inner potential, learn how greatness is achieved and measured, how a selfless person lives a life of giving, what are true measures and spiritual birth, and how to leave your old personality behind.


Meditation in 3 Volumes: Volume 3


When we strive to become an authentic person, a person of character and discipline, we must take into consideration how we see ourselves and how it is consistent with how we present ourselves to the world.


"Once we realize the tremendous difference our one life can make, we then begin to appreciate how awakened disciples can change the world." Note from the Editor