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These three volumes present the science behind the Law of Cause and Effect. We are not powerless victims in the hands of chance or fate. In fact these volumes are enlightening, encouraging, and empowering.


Torkom discusses the chemistry of space and the chemistry of creation.


Torkom discusses the existence of the Cosmic Magnet, the Core of our Galaxy, which “permeates all creation through Its field of energy; through Its energy threads It leads each atom, form, planet, and galaxy toward the Purpose of Life.”


Shocks, shifts, crises, tests, challenges are created in our life. Far from being sources of unending misery, these shocks, shifts, and resultant crises show us the clear path that life takes.


Cosmic Shocks shows how it is possible to deal with crises effectively and use them for growth and change. But, we need to understand the sources of crises and learn to respond to them in a totally new way.


A classic text on the relationship between the human being and all of creation and how we fit into the plan of the universe. A good introductory material on basic Ageless Wisdom topics.


Throughout this book, Torkom clarifies and defines the many aspects, challenges, and requirements to actualize your vision. Vision is the intuitive or higher perception of the purpose, as it relates to the future. How do you actualize it?  That's on page 440.


The purpose of creativity is to change transiency into Infinity; to transform the ego into the Divine Self; to bring harmony and cooperation from chaos, and unity out of cleavages. True creativity eliminates competition and establishes sharing.


Music is called the language of the gods. It is so beautiful to remember a statement made centuries ago - God sang, and as He was singing the Archetypes of all manifestation began to appear in space! What an image of the power of sacred sound.


Start your day and end your day by making contact with the Divine Essence. Recite five prayers, at intervals throughout the day, and tune in with Beauty, Goodness, Righteousness, Joy, and Freedom.


The Gayatri, The Great Invocation, and The Lord's Prayer transmit to the individual who prays with them powerful psychic energies. When recited with focus and purity, they can change your life.


This book represents a personal yet universal yearning to contact Christ and understand His true message, Torkom Saraydarian's questions are our own; his doubts, ours; his anger, ours; his recognition, ours.


Talk is cheap and easy; discipleship is not! Discipleship is putting your spiritual principles into action. Learn what this means and enhance your spiritual life by focusing on practical change.


An integrated teaching for the true and complete meaning of success. The three parts of success must be balanced: physical, material, and spiritual plus the path to overcome specific hindrances to success.

Ageless Wisdom

Dynamics of the Soul


The human soul is the indwelling spirit that lives from lifetime to lifetime. It grows and matures and expands in power and psychic energy. As we live a life of light, love, and spiritual will, our soul grows and expands its contacts and expressions.


What does the Ageless Wisdom say about the causes of earthquakes and disasters? We know that human negligence is causing much of today's "natural" disasters, but is there a more subtle reason beyond the negligence?


Volume 1 defines the relationship that needs to be built between an individual and the Cosmos in order for true transformation to take place. Volume 2 defines what should be the vision and direction of education in the new millennium.


Education Vol. 1: Individual and Cosmos, defines the relationship that needs to be built between an individual and the Cosmos in order for true transformation to take place. A riveting and deeply spiritual book.


Education as Transformation, Vol 2: Basics of Education. Volume 2 defines what should be the vision and direction of education in the new millennium.


There is a huge shift in the consciousness of humanity. There is an increasing pressure that “we must do something” to face the challenges on every level of existence on Earth. Each one of us can do something to meet these challenges. What can we do?


This book is intended to give the esoteric foundation and guidelines for health of the physical, etheric, emotional, mental, and higher bodies. It is not intended to replace sound medical advice. Always refer to a medical professional before doing any visualization or meditation exercise. If you are taking medications, always check with your medical doctor before you follow any instructions given in this book.


The Hierarchy is composed of Elders who have mastered their physical, emotional, and mental natures and have the ability to function consciously in the world of souls. They enlighten and inspire humanity so that we may live healthy and sane lives.


Grandparents are not old shoes who have finished their job, to be put on shelves or sent to different places. Grandparents have their special role in evolution...


How men affect women and how men can build rapport with women. Fantastic guide for any man who wants to improve his relations with that special woman in his life.