Psychism & Protection

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A clear description of who and what are the dark forces, their origin and purpose. Most importantly, it describes how to avoid tuning into the dark energies of life, how to protect yourself, and how to gain victory over these forces. A recipe for a sane and safe spiritual discipline.


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Breakthrough to Higher Psychism – Vision Series #1 (SALE)


(SALE COPIES) All copies show signs of damage on the cover.

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Commentary on Psychic Energy


Psychic energy is the power of your soul; it comes from the energy of space. It can be cultivated, increased, and used in your life for healing and upliftment. It is the energy that gives you power to persevere in life.

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Eyes of Hierarchy: How the Masters Watch and Help Us


The Hierarchy is composed of Elders who have mastered their physical, emotional, and mental natures and have the ability to function consciously in the world of souls. They enlighten and inspire humanity so that we may live healthy and sane lives.

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Higher Psychism


People engage in activities that remove their ability to make conscious choices, have a normal and natural life, do serious study and meditation, and to strive toward greater insights and greater understandings of life.

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Human Nature


Discover how your human nature led you to the life you have and how that very same nature, with a few energetic changes, will lead you to the life that you want.

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Inner Potentials


Develop your inner potential, learn how greatness is achieved and measured, how a selfless person lives a life of giving, what are true measures and spiritual birth, and how to leave your old personality behind.

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Obsession and Possession


This book is a wake-up call to every person to learn how to make the right choices in life, especially the right spiritual choices.


A monumental work on every single topic contained in the Ageless Wisdom Teachings. A book of reference and deep study. Printed in large format, easy to read, with diagrams and charts throughout.

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Transformation – Methods for the Transformation of Life


Most of the Teaching we receive is brain knowledge and, in most cases, the heart is not operating. The more we read and study, the more crystallized we become in our glamors and illusions. This book helps you release these crystallizations.