Group Consciousness

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This book was Torkom's progressive project to start an esoteric group that studied fundamentals and then slowly advanced into more intense esoteric training and esoteric leadership. The group began on January 25, 1989, and ended on July 4, 1990.


Volume 3 of the 3 volume set: The third volume covers topics such as the difference between democracy and totalitarian forms of groupings, the laws that govern natural life, how to be in a group, how to understand synthesis, and more...


What does the Ageless Wisdom say about the causes of earthquakes and disasters? We know that human negligence is causing much of today's "natural" disasters, but is there a more subtle reason beyond the negligence?


Discover how your human nature led you to the life you have and how that very same nature, with a few energetic changes, will lead you to the life that you want.


Develop your inner potential, learn how greatness is achieved and measured, how a selfless person lives a life of giving, what are true measures and spiritual birth, and how to leave your old personality behind.


Using the eight principles of building cooperation, Torkom reveals how we can stop seeing ourselves as separate from others and see our link to all humanity. Cooperation is the key to living an abundant life. Cooperation the keynote of our future.


"Let us not be afraid to meet responsibility. We are responsible not only to ourselves, but also to Cosmos." Agni Yoga Society, Infinity 1, para. 48.


The Universe is rich and abundant. Prosperity in its full essence is available to everyone. Prosperity in the outer world is the reflection of the prosperity potential within you. A detailed study on how to have abundance and enjoy life’s riches.

Ageless Wisdom

Synthesis – Booklet


28 practical steps to develop synthesis and be in tune with all of creation. Synthesis is the keynote for the Age of Aquarius.


If only animals could talk, what would they say to God? Torkom gives voice to our cherished friends in the animal kingdom and you will be moved to tears as you read through these lovely pages.


"Once we realize the tremendous difference our one life can make, we then begin to appreciate how awakened disciples can change the world." Note from the Editor