Vision Series

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An integrated teaching for the true and complete meaning of success. The three parts of success must be balanced: physical, material, and spiritual plus the path to overcome specific hindrances to success.


Heart-centered living means understanding, forgiveness, compassion, and tolerance toward life. It is the greatest gift we can give to our loved ones.


Your true willpower is equivelant to the amount of freedom you have; freedom from self-deceptions and false values. The more you become your true essence, the more willpower you have.


It is no SECRET: our self-image guides everything we do in life. What we believe about ourselves colors every part of our existence. Real success comes from within. Your mind-set will guarantee that you get what you are focusing on.


A purposeful life is a beautiful and fulfilling human life expression. Every one of us wants to have direction, purpose, and reason to live and to learn. Mental and emotional health is guaranteed when we are driven with deep, spiritual purpose.


A dynamic series of books by Torkom Saraydarian designed to provide for you in-depth explanations on single topics. These books are written in a style that is practical for both the beginner and advanced student.


Shamballa releases periodic energies to the Planet. Torkom shows us how we can anticipate them, how we can respond to them, how we can refine our natures and become better servers and leaders.