If you are a beginner, or a person in need of structured physical, emotional, and mental discipline, we will design a course specifically suited for your needs. There is no pre-determined length of time for this course, but for best results, you will need from six months to one year of work. The length of time is determined by your commitment and the completion of the reading assignments.

Requirements are:


  • Willingness to devote 10 -15 minutes daily to read, think, and write.
  • Willingness to follow instructions as given in your coursework.
  • Willingness to strive even when you do not achieve your daily goals.
  • Willingness to understand that daily discipline may take several months or years to achieve.
  • Willingness to report to your mentor on a monthly basis, regardless of what has been achieved or not achieved.

How to register:

  • Set up an appointment for a consultation with the director, Gita Saraydarian. Fill out the consultation form and send back to us. Please allow 3 business days for us to schedule your consultation.
  • Discuss your needs and abilities and decide on the best choice of study materials.
  • Receive the instructions and begin the work.


  • First time Consultation Fee: US $30.00
  • Monthly meeting with Mentor Fee: US $15.00 per month
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