Special Topics

Special Topics Study Courses

NOTICE: Due to moving into the New Center, all DVDs/CDs except for *#6 are packed and not available for shipping at this moment. Please revisit this product page in January of 2023 for availability or email us for more information.

Gita Saraydarian has presented a number of lectures on special study topics. The courses are designed to help you progress at your own pace, utilizing lecture videos or audio recordings. 

Each course involves reading a book along with a lecture on DVD/CD/Download for each month’s lesson. These lectures were given to a select audience and recorded live at TSG Center.

You will be able to hear the lecture, read the assigned pages, and participate in group meditation.

You will be assigned a special mentor from TSG’s qualified and experienced mentors and report monthly upon the completion of each assignment.

The selections include:

  1. The Science of Becoming Your True Self (In 12-parts, corresponds to the monthly zodiacal cycles)
  2. Building the Lighted House (In 9 parts, corresponds to the monthly zodiacal cycles)
  3. Building Universal Awareness — Building the Group Chalice (12-parts)
  4. The Labors of Hercules (in 14 parts, corresponds to the monthly zodiacal cycles)
  5. Total Prosperity and Abundance (2-part seminar)
  6. Wisdom of the Zodiac Full Moon Meditation videos available on YouTube*

Contact us by phone at 480-502-1909 or by e-mail and we will help you choose the right course of study.

See individual courses for contents and costs involved.

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