Torkom on Kindle

TSG is in the process of digitizing all of Torkom’s work.
At the moment, a select number of eBooks are available for purchase directly from Amazon.


  1. Autobiography
  2. Battling Dark Forces
  3. Breakthrough to Higher Psychism
  4. Eyes of the Hierarchy
  5. Happiness, Joy and Bliss
  6. Joy and Healing
  7. Wisdom of the Zodiac vol. 1
  8. Wisdom of the Zodiac vol. 2
  9. Wisdom of the Zodiac vol. 3
  10. Wisdom of the Zodiac vol. 4


  1. Angels and Devas
  2. Chalice in Agni Yoga
  3. Courage
  4. Daily Discipline in Worship
  5. Discipleship in Action
  6. Earrings for Businesspeople
  7. Inner Blooming
  8. Mental Exercises
  9. Questioning Traveler and Karma
  10. Solemnity
  11. St. Sergius

Kindle Users:

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Apple iPad & iPhone Users

  • From your device, tap the
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  • In the search box, type Kindle.
  • From the search results, tap the Kindle app icon.
  • Tap the Install button to download and install the Kindle app.
  • After you finish installing the Kindle app, you’ll need to register the app to your Amazon account.
  • Visit Torkom Saraydarian’s Kindle page on Amazon.


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