Spiritual Direction in Seven Parts (2023-2024)

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Part 1: What is Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is easy to find if you know where to look for it. For some reason, we think that when we find spiritual direction in our life, it will be coupled with fireworks and all sorts of aha moments! Spiritual direction to me is a quiet knowing that what you do every day makes you a good person, a person of integrity and unity within yourself. It does not matter what you do in life, if you have spiritual direction, seven qualities permeate all that you do. And your life will be healthy, happy, successful, abundant, and creative.What are these seven qualities? When I first heard about them from Torkom in a lecture, I thought that these principles made so much sense that incorporating them in life was simple and easy. But try to practice these and you will see how “easy” it is! Yet, if you use these seven qualities as a measure to guide you in your life, you will never go wrong.

We find our spiritual direction by living our life within the following seven principles: Beauty, Goodness, Righteousness, Joy, Freedom, Striving Toward Perfection, and Sacrificial Service. When you live within these seven principles, every day, you will always have Spiritual Direction. You will never go astray.

Over the years, these seven principles have informed my life. I have used the prayers from A Daily Discipline of Worship to remind me of the principles. When we designed our new TSG Center, our design team incorporated the principles into the building design and landscape. We named outside spaces and office spaces with these principles and even etched each principle on the floor of the entrance hallway. We are always reminded of the bedrock principles of our life.

Part 2: Energy Formulas

These seven principles are not just words. They are seven formulas, seven scientifically proven steps that, when used as filters to guide everything you do in life, will change the chemistry of your mind and your brain. A healthy mind and brain will result in a healthy life. If you adhere to these seven principles in all you do, say, feel, think on a daily basis, you will build sustainable bodies that will carry you to the higher wisdom. These are not the shortcuts to life; they do not provide a helicopter ride to spiritual attainment; there is no fast and furious way to spiritual progress. They are meant to be challenging, to build “spiritual muscle.” Try to put these into daily life and see how challenging it is and how humbling to become a spiritual scientist.

Part 3: How to Activate the Principles of Beauty and Goodness

First is Beauty: Make beauty the cornerstone of your life. Fill your life with physical, emotional, and mental beauty. For example, increase the beauty in your home and in your person. Make your manners and speech beautiful. Greet others in beauty. Think in beauty. Feel in beauty. Respond to life in beauty. See beauty in others. When people are not what you think they should be, do not judge them and criticize them and see something wrong in them. Be clear and observant and see the real beauty underneath all of life’s events.

Second is Goodness: Always begin your day by being good to yourself. Do you eat, sleep, relate with others, exercise, and use your money wisely in a way that is good for your long- term future? Can you treat others in goodness? If we learn to be truly good to ourselves, we are also good to others. When we are not good to others, it is a sign that we do not know how to be good to ourselves. If you want goodness to come to you in all its forms, first be good to yourself, honor yourself, and then be good to others around you. Everyone in your life is put there for a reason. Try to find that reason and live your life to fulfill that reason.

Part 4: How to Activate the Principles of Righteousness and Joy

Third is Righteousness: Be righteous. Righteousness is to treat others the way you want to be treated. It means that the spiritual law applies to you as well as to others equally. To be righteous we need to forgive, not to judge; to let go, to heal; to love with all our hearts and stop hating and belittling; to stop trying to dominate and being unfair; stop expecting and being disappointed in what is not yours to have and to demand. To be righteous in a most serious way is not to expect from life what you are reluctant to give! Righteousness makes us grow up and be balanced, serene, calm and know what we sow we also reap. It makes us understand why we suffer, why we lack, why we have to undo the tangles of karma and make good and righteous choices in life.

Fourth is Joy: Find joy and increase it. Joy is the power and glory and wings of your soul. As you cultivate joy, remember it, share it with others, life will change dramatically. Finding joy forces you to interact with the best parts of life. Joy is interrelationship with life; it is communication with life. Joy is always an effort that involves another part of life. When we remember the smallest gestures in life that brought us joy, our very cells change. Instead of bringing people down with our pessimism, negativity, sharp remarks that make us sound smart, we bring people up with smiles of joy, words of joy, hugs of joy, thoughts of joy, always looking for the hidden kernel of joy in all our experiences. For some reason, this happens to be the most difficult quality to have in our life. Every joy class I have taught invariably brings out hidden sadness, angst, depressions and many, many tears in people. Some people block out any possibility of joy. It is sad to see how many people cannot find one moment of joy in their life. But try and try again, and you will find that hidden seed of joy. Once you find it, give it room to grow inside of you. When you find the pain increases with joy, ease up and try again to visit that joy. Eventually, the walls that separate you from your inner joy will melt away and you will be able to find joy every moment of your life.

Part 5: How to Activate the Principles Freedom and Striving

Fifth is Freedom: Live and believe in the essence of freedom. Live free from addictions and obsessive/compulsive behaviors. Be free of jealousy, envy, belittlement, and put-downs. Free yourself from the attachments and expectations of the personality. Leave your loved ones free to be their True Self. Celebrate freedom, encourage it. Let your loved ones have their own vision of freedom and limitless possibilities. Keep that door of possibility open for your own life. Never close the door to love, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, and possibility. As wives, husbands, lovers, parents, grandparents, friends, daughters, and sons, affirm the freedom to be who we are all meant to be. Uphold freedom in your personal, business, political, social life. Never support aggression and people and movements that take freedom away.

Sixth is Striving Toward Perfection: Strive every day; your physical, emotional, mental, and soul life depend on it. Life is truly lived when we struggle and strive toward perfection. Why do we get up every day? Why do we fall in love, get married, have children? Why do we celebrate the new births in our life and remember anniversaries? Why do we bother to exercise, diet, pray, meditate, love others, and ask others to love us and help us? Why bother at all if we do not inherently know that there is something to be gained in doing these things? We know that to have life and to improve and grow depends on striving, having righteous goals, and most of all, knowing deep inside of us that there is always a possibility that a door will open. You have to do your part in knocking on that door, over and over again, until it is opened.

Part 6: How to Activate and Elevate Sacrificial Service

Seventh is Sacrificial Service: Serve and give sacrificially. This is not just doing something nice. It is much more than that. It is giving, doing, thinking, providing for others because you know they are divine souls, they are sacred, they deserve your sacred service. Your service is sacred because you are sacred, you are important; you make a difference in people’s lives. We cannot sustain service unless we know what we were doing is important and it affirms and upholds the sacredness of all life including our fellow travelers.

What are we sacrificing? In reality, we are sacrificing our ego, vanity, know-it-all-ness, opinions and prejudices. We do not know everything. We can learn and expand ourselves. Sacrifice means to make sacred. We make sacred by recognizing our own soul powers and making our soul powers direct us rather than our old habits and egos.

Sacrifice also involved dropping our expectations from people and life without considering what we are doing ourselves. Give so you receive. Do not expect life to give you what you do not plant yourself.

Observing all the hatred and separatism existing in the world today, we can see the pain we are causing to numberless souls, the flora and fauna of our planet on which our lives depend. We have forgotten that the purpose of life is to live and learn to live abundantly in spiritual essence. Then, life will become sacred, and all life will thrive.

Part 7: Healing your Whole Self Through the Seven Principles

If your heart is broken, for any reason, you are not alone. Filling your home with more spiritual materials will not help it. Hoping everyone around you will change to suit your expectations is not going to heal it. Being depressed, withdrawing from society will not heal your heart. But, putting yourself actively into these seven principles will heal your heart. You will slowly gear into the psychic energy of space. Your life will improve, and you will become vibrant and creative in all that you do. These seven principles are chemical agents that change your mind, your brain, your emotions, and the chemistry of your physical body. When you see tangible changes in your life, you will see spiritual science at work!

When you apply these seven principles in your life, you will grow up and become spiritually mature. You will not blame and complain about others. You will take responsibility for your life. You will learn the mystery of human evolution. You will see the difference between spiritual materialism and spiritual science. You will have spiritual direction and become a mature human soul.

The process of the birth of yourself as a soul is momentous; so is the birth of the soul of your loved ones; even more so is the birth of the soul of the community, the nation, and all humanity. The next time you look at yourself and your loved ones, remember beauty, goodness, joy, and freedom. Be righteous in all that you do. Strive and do not prevent the striving of others. Serve the soul in yourself with every action that you take. Serve the soul of others in everything that you do. Affirming and expanding our soul expression is the hallmark of spiritual direction.

With love and gratitude,

Gita Saraydarian

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