Spiritual Practice

Our spiritual practice…

“.. Seed Thoughts – It is much better if you have a seed thought for your meditation, a seed thought on which you can ponder. For example, if you are a musician you may choose the word “rhythm or “sound”. Or you may choose a sentence, for example: Rhythm is the heartbeat of the music. If you are a painter you may meditate on colors, movement, space in relation to your art. As you learn how to meditate, you must choose your seed thoughts from all subjects, and even select some subjects that do not interest you. The important thing in meditation is not what you learn or know, but how you use your mind and unfold your consciousness, and increase your contact with the inner worlds.” ~ Torkom Saraydarian, The Science of Meditation, Ch. VII.

Meditation Videos: Excerpts from Gita’s meditation lectures are available on the TSG YouTube Channel.

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Wisdom of the Zodiac – Full Moon Celebrations…

The Ageless Wisdom teaches that planets, suns and galaxies are celestial bodies, each having its own wisdom to offer. Our Sun transmits the energies of the Zodiac to Earth, providing an opportunity for harmonious development for all kingdoms of Nature. Every month, a specific energy is given to build, fine tune, expand our physical, emotional, mental and soul bodies.

Every month, TSG hosts a virtual meeting to read, study, discuss, and do a guided meditation on the particular energies of the full moon. To join the group study-discussion, please contact us. See also Wisdom of the Zodiac series of books.

Full Moon Videos: Gita’s Full Moon meditations are available on the TSG YouTube Channel.

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Watch Gita’s recorded meditations here.


There is a rhythm in the flow of the energies in Nature. Those who are sensitive and can enter into the rhythm demonstrate a greater power of survival and creativity. One of the methods to enter into the rhythm of Nature is daily discipline of five-pointed worship. …Daily contact with the Presence is not the reading of religious books, the singing of hymns, or even listening to sermons. It is a real, heartfelt contact with the Presence that expands your consciousness, makes you pure, sincere, and fearless, and creates in you a spirit of striving toward perfection. …Worship is a technique to contact the Highest that your heart can reach. In practicing daily discipline of worship, you bring great changes in your life …” ~ Torkom Saraydarian, Daily Discipline of Worship.

Daily worship is divided into five parts:

I. Early Morning:

Invocation of Beauty

O Giver of Light,
the Cosmic Beauty,
permeate my whole nature
with Thy Rays.
Kindle the flame
on the altar of
my temple
so that I may live
as a beam of light,
in beauty,
until the sunset
of the day . . .
of my life.

II. 9:00 AM:

Invocation of Goodness

O Sphere of Light,
advancing and elevating Goodness,
may my soul
rise with You,
expressing goodness
in all its contacts.

III. Noon:

Invocation of Righteousness

The flame of the Great Presence
in me,
let me stand
as a radiant fire
of righteousness
and during the days
of my life.
Let me think, act, and speak
in the spirit
of righteousness.

IV. Sunset:

Invocation of Joy

My Lord,
thank You for the joy
of living today
in the spirit of beauty,
and righteousness.
May Your joy
radiate in other parts of the world
as the Sun
disperses the night
and brings the joy of the day.
My Lord,
You are the joy of my heart.

V. Before Sleep:

Invocation of Freedom

My Lord, let Your freedom
permeate my whole being
Let me be free
from all worries and anxieties,
from all painful memories of the day,
from all attachments and identifications,
so that my soul freely soars
in Your temple of beauty.
Let me realize freedom
from my physical,
emotional, and mental crystallizations
and be with You as a free soul.