Student Feedback

Read what previous students say about Change Your Life with Joy & Healing Course:


“Gita, you are an inspiration. You have touched my soul very deeply and how wonderful to know you will always be with me… whatever form my soul takes. You are truly an example of your father’s teachings. How fortunate I (we) are to have you as a mentor.” S.G.

“We all initiated this journey and each of us were given an opportunity to grow more in the Love and Joy we already were giving out. If we compare ourselves with ourselves 18 months ago, we can all say that transformation and healing happened for each of us on different levels. And Yes, we will still have those moments of anger, fear and disappointment that might surface. Now we can recognize them and deal with them with all the wisdom we have acquired…” M.V.

“It was a great joy for me to be part of this group. Meditating with others is easier and more fun than alone. Alone I never had managed to meditate and be so constant and to do all these exercises.”

“Your responses Gita for all of us were always uplifting and inspiring. Thank you so much. I notice that my everyday interaction with others is many more understanding, tolerant and less critical.”

“When one asks questions and is provided with an answer, it gives them a sense of achievement and therefore increases their level of self-confidence. I feel that Torkom is very much alive through his books and his memory lives on.”

“I feel sad that this is the end of our joy and healing journey together, but I also feel joyful because it has increased my joy so much and it has been such a wonderfully, beautiful, connecting experience for me.”

“If I have learned anything over these last 18 months it is that life is a great mystery. It is filled with Beauty and hope. I’ve never seen this so clearly as in these last 18 months. I have experienced moments of such joy I did not even know they existed. I feel enchanted by life… I’ve slowly been opening up to it.”

“Joy is really a key for success in our lives, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I am so happy to have been part of this Joy family! I have been so much enriched by your reports and thoughts.”

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