The Psyche and Psychism

The Psyche and Psychism

By Torkom Saraydarian
Reviewed by Robert L. Constas, M.D.

Five Stars

The author has written approximately one hundred books and booklets clarifying the Ageless Wisdom tradition especially as represented by the works of Helena Blavatsky, Alice Bailey and the Agni Yoga Society. I consider this two volume set in large print published in 1981 to be his magnum opus. This book enhances the expansion of the psyche, the consciousness. This is about developing higher values and spiritual contacts. It is not about learning how to become clairvoyant. This is about learning to renounce the self in the great service of God.

Starting from the cosmic beginnings of the evolution of the worlds and consciousness in the theosophical tradition, he presents the entire range of spiritual psychology and psychospiritual development and transformation of consciousness. Each chapter is complete within itself, so the reader can pick and choose, bypassing chapters that may be too difficult during the first reading. Many of the topics are covered in even greater detail in other books by the author, but everything anyone really needs to know is in this two-volume set.

The author has a marvelous ability to design meditations, visualizations and exercises to assist students in developing a true realization of what they are studying. Many of the topics may seem abstract, but his genius is in making the mind more receptive to higher values through his clarifications and exercises.

One of my favorite chapters is chapter 66 Technique of Meditation on the Seven Rays. There are many more. If you ever want to describe what an advanced consciousness is like, just read the description of the virtues of the seven rays. When I looked over these two volumes I realized that I could very profitably re-read them both several times more. I wish I had more time to live in this present body to do just that.

Robert Constas, M.D. is a board certified child and adolescent psychiatrist with the Phoenix Indian Medical Center in Arizona, USA. He has extensive experience with parapsychological phenomena, and the application of the Ageless Wisdom in the field of child and adolescent treatment and child rearing. He was raised in the Ageless Wisdom tradition and worked with Torkom Saraydarian beginning in the 1960’s.