The Science of Becoming Oneself

The Science of Becoming Oneself

By Torkom Saraydarian
Reviewed by Robert Constas

Five Stars

This is one of the author’s foundational books that I regard as the laboratory manual for his The Science of Meditation. This book starts at a basic level and gradually progresses to advanced levels of meditation. The language is clear, but is so compact with new information and terms that it is not easy to read. That is why reading Science of Meditation first is a good idea. The distilled essence is here of exercises to assist in spiritual growth.

This is not a book just about self-improvement, nor is it about becoming psychic. It is about unfolding the imprisoned splendor of the divine Spark within the core of our being. It begins from the basic science of doing good, gives exercises to purify the physical, emotional and mental natures and culminates in giving techniques to build the Rainbow Bridge between the consciousness unit and the higher mind and beyond. Those familiar with the writings given to Alice Bailey by the great Tibetan Sage will recognize that the essence of the Sage’s teachings for meditation are given here. Saraydarian clarifies and organizes all this using his own illumined understanding and many practical techniques.

In the 1970’s my wife and I presented Ageless Wisdom classes in Southern California and used Science of Becoming Oneself together with Science of Meditation as the foundational references. Correspondence courses utilizing these texts and others by the author were prepared by his students and are available at

Robert Constas, M.D. is a board certified child and adolescent psychiatrist with the Phoenix Indian Medical Center in Arizona, USA. He has extensive experience with parapsychological phenomena, and the application of the Ageless Wisdom in the field of child and adolescent treatment and child rearing. He was raised in the Ageless Wisdom tradition and worked with Torkom Saraydarian beginning in the 1960’s.