TS writing related

Asked how his writings utilize the Wisdom given by past
teachers, he said the following:

“I am very well familiar with the Ageless Wisdom — the
Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagavad-Gita, the Puranas, the writings of Helena
Blavatsky, Helena Roerich, Alice Bailey, and Gudjieff. But I am not limited or
drowned in them. I am myself.

“At first glance it appears that I am trying to interpret
these Teachings, but when you go deeper you see that I am pursuing new paths,
new formulas, new sources of inspiration, and often I am filling in the gaps or
explaining the hints from these literatures, revealing the blind spots, and
bringing out some expressions which by themselves stand as abstractions.

“My literature is not separative. It is all-inclusive.
Whoever reads my books feels an urge and inspiration to read Alice Bailey,
Helena Blavatsky, Agni Yoga, and Gurdjieff with more understanding and clarity.

“I assume that there is only one Teaching, and this
concept is explained in The Psyche and Psychism in such a beautiful and
inspiring way, and also in my book The Ageless Wisdom. I have received
thousands of letters telling me how grateful people are for my words as they
make the whole Teaching clear and simple.” (Excerpted from the unpublished
autobiography. For the complete selection of “Why I write” please see the full
text in the Outreach 2001 issue.)