TSG Annual Conference

What is the TSG Annual Conference and Celebration of Wesak?

Now in its 19th consecutive year, the TSG Annual Conference and Celebration of Wesak is a retreat structured to help you find innovative and joyful ways to transform your life. Our program consists of a combination of lectures, workshops, and ceremony designed to create a fully integrated and wholesome experience for the soul, mind and body.

Each year our conference coincides with the full moon of Taurus, also referred to as the Wesak Celebration. In the Esoteric Wisdom Teaching, Wesak is the time of the year to make contact with your innermost being, with Higher Worlds, and with the purpose and direction of your life. It is a time of tuning in once again to where you are going in your personal and professional life and what you need to do to get there.

Conference Presenter

gita seminarGita Saraydarian is the President and Founder of TSG Foundation, TSG University, and the daughter of Torkom Saraydarian. Gita has been teaching the Ageless Wisdom since 1984. She has established a world-wide audience as a lecturer and teacher of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings. As an educator of progressive ideas and self-transformation, Gita writes and speaks on a range of topics that show contemporary life issues through the prism of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings. Gita’s educational background includes a Master of Arts degree in Law and Diplomacy; a Master of Arts degree in History; and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Cultural Anthropology and Linguistics. She also taught and studied in Taiwan.

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Annual Conference 10 Year Plan: 2015 -2025: Preparation for the Reappearance of the Christ

Previous Conference Themes:
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Why Attend? Annual Conference Preparation:
The Way of the Soul Series
2015: The Way of the Soul – The Human Soul 

2016: The Way of the Soul – The Solar Angel 

2017: The Way of the Soul – Group Consciousness   

2018: The Way of the Soul – Scientific Meditation 

2019: The Way of the Soul – Building the Antahkarana 

2020: The Way of the Soul – Educating Hearts and Minds 

2021: The Way of the Soul – The Plan and Purpose  

2022: The Way of the Soul — World Discipleship

space● To lead yourself out of suffering and pain

● To fit yourself for the demands of the future

● To reimagine your life to better fit your goals

● To rejuvenate yourself

● To celebrate the spiritual high point of the year

● To build bridges to your highest self

● To augment your spiritual striving with practical tools

● To meet like-minded people

● To get in touch with your divine heritage

● To create a path of greater love, joy & bliss in your life

● To create a self image that reflects your True Self

● To enhance your innate creativity and service

spaceTo learn more about preparation send us an email:


Learn more about preparation…

Preparation prior to attending the conference is an  important part of your experience. When you adhere to this form of study, you will be prepared to get the most of your experience at our retreat.
This year’s topics will help you organize your mind, sustain joy and connectivity to life, reduce stress and fear, and deepen your connection to your inner wisdom and guidance.

Preparation involves:

  1. 15 – 20 minute daily reading from an assigned text—simple meditation, and daily journaling.
    (Specific study instructions will be given upon registration.)
  2. Monthly summary report of your work on a special forum established for this purpose.
  3. Willingness to follow instructions exactly as given.
  4. Willingness to try and do your best during the preparatory period.
  5. The preparatory process begins any time between May and October.  

    Please contact us to get started at 480-502-1909 or email Tonia at tonia@tsgfoundation.org


Call us today at 480-502-1909 to reserve your place. You will be contacted by a mentor to receive instructions to start the preparation program.

We look forward to hearing from you and being with you during this joyful process and celebration.

With love and appreciation,

Gita Saraydarian & The TSG Wesak Team