TSU Introduction to the Ageless Wisdom

The Introduction to the Ageless Wisdom consists of four, six-week sections on four beautiful topics: Joy, Prosperity, Responsibility, and Cooperation. These topics are fundamental to the understanding of the practical functions of the Ageless Wisdom. Our purpose is to provide for you the foundations of the Wisdom Teachings and show how, when applied, we can change the framework of life on earth. These four cornerstones of the Teaching will help solve every problem facing humanity! How? Because in applying these four principles, our consciousness expands to such a degree that we will be seeing life in its totality and start to erase the separatism and fanaticism that still divides humanity. Wherever we see success in any field of life, we see one or more of these principles in vital activity. Here are some basic details on each topic.

Joy connects us to the essence of life and helps us find that rare sense of wellbeing that we once experienced no matter what happened in our lives. Joy is wisdom and it is a Godly blessing to every one of us. Learn to reclaim it and use it to heal you and bless your life. Joy is necessary for every person, especially if you are a leader or parent and need to learn to center yourself and not let the external life pull you in different directions. Joy helps you center and focus and remain in the most essential. For a spiritually striving person, joy is the first element to cultivate. Without it, the process of transformation will be a heavy burden.

Prosperity means to learn the laws of attracting wealth and health and abundance in every way into your life. You will learn the laws of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual abundance. This course is also fundamental to every leader and student of the Wisdom in that it helps dispel myths surrounding finances and abundance, it helps you unleash the psychic energy so that it flows un-interrupted into your life. This course helps you learn the ways to balance yourself and remain healthy and vibrant.

Responsibility is a very exciting course. It helps you see how you fit into the larger plan and purpose of life. It helps you articulate your role in serving and expanding the human consciousness. All of our human troubles can be solved when we have this sense of responsibility to each other, and indeed to all of life. This course helps you frame your responsibility in the world and helps you articulate your life purpose and your life plan as you learn to shine your own light.

Cooperation is the keynote of all of life. From basic family health to work related relations to group relations, we are finding that the cooperative approach builds healthy units and keeps us stress free, calm, and productive. How do we build cooperation and group consciousness? This course shows you how. If you want to learn how to build a group and keep it healthy, how to lead and how to teach the Wisdom Teachings, learning how to cooperate with nature and with higher aspects of our life are the keys to success.

Spiritual training needs to fulfill human needs both in  the practical as well as the esoteric-spiritual understanding of the laws and principles of nature. Our courses are specifically designed to marry these two elements in each lesson and to help you unify your higher nature with your daily life needs.

In each six-week section, the student focuses on one of the four topics outlined below. You may take one week per lesson, or two weeks per lesson. 

(click on any of the following for more information and details on each course. This will open up a new window to our parent company, TSG Foundation, where you can sign up for the course. We highly suggest you begin with the 001 course, but if you have previous experience you may start with the section of your choosing.)

001- The meaning of Joy and Healing
002- The meaning of Prosperity
003- Developing the Sense of Responsibility
004- Cooperation and Group Consciousness

A Certificate of Completion is awarded upon the completion of all four sections.

Course Fees:

  • $25 setup fee for each course.

  • $60.00 for each six-week section, $240.00 for the full year of four, six-week sections.

  • The textbook cost is in addition to the tuition.

The student will receive one section at a time. Upon completion and registration, the next section is sent and so on. Each section consists of the accompanying textbook if you do not already have it, the section schedule, and the assignments for each week.

Note: This four part course, or equivalency, is a pre-requisite for Teacher training and certification.

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